how to treat your nails with essential oils

Any woman dreams of beautiful nails, and in order to achieve the perfect look, we do not spare money for expensive cosmetics. But sometimes the effect promised by advertising is not achieved, and the tool does not have the actions indicated on the package. And baths with essential oils are easy to prepare at home and get not only benefits for nails, but also relax during the procedure.

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1. Lemon. One of the most popular and useful, has an antiseptic, whitening and antibacterial effect, speeds up the healing time of an injured cuticle and even gives a natural shine to nails. In addition, lemon can be used in its natural form.

2. Ylang-ylang. It will help to give shine to nails; it is used in polishing nails. To do this, just apply one drop of oil to the polishing buff. Also, oil is used to strengthen nails in mixtures, protects against their delamination and brittleness.

3. Grapefruit essential oil. It is used to restore the natural color of the nail plate, whitens it and gives shine.

4. Bergamot. It is used for brittle and exfoliating nails, to strengthen them, and also has anti-inflammatory effect.

5. Rosemary. It also whitens nails, but also contributes to their growth and has an antiseptic effect: heals injuries after cutting manicure, relieves inflammation of the periungual ridges and protects against microbes.

6. Geranium. Moisturizes the cuticle, which helps to prevent burrs. A good tool for dull nails to restore their natural color and shine.

7. Tea tree. In general, it is used as a bactericidal effect, therefore the spectrum of its use is very wide. It is often added to healing agents.

8. Eucalyptus. It increases the transparency of the nail, retains moisture in the nail plate, disinfects and heals wounds. !

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