HEALTH & BEAUTY RECIPES with Essential Oils

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Essential oils are magical fragrant healers that help to preserve and restore health and beauty, while using the internal forces and protective mechanisms of the body itself. The key to success in solving problems using aromatherapy is not only in the proper selection of methods and consideration of individual characteristics, but also in the selection of specific aromatherapy mixtures and recipes.

Proven and effective recommendations will help maintain a perfect condition of the skin and hair, solve problems with excess weight, metabolic disorders, cellulite, teach you how to use psychological scents to solve psychological and social problems.

One of the most important areas of aromatherapy is the daily care of face and body skin, hands and nails. Essential oils can be used to improve the characteristics and composition of ready-made cosmetics, such as shower gels, body milk, soap, shampoos, and facial cleansers.

Thanks to aromatherapy methods, it is possible to solve the problems of excessively dry, combination, mature, oily skin, prevent the negative effects of the sun, frost and wind, achieve deep hydration and nutrition of the skin. Daily procedures, supplemented by the regenerating, moisturizing, protective properties of essential oils, will turn into a healing pleasure.

To preserve youth, beauty and health, daily mandatory procedures alone are not enough: you need to take care aimed at deep cleansing, nutrition and hydration, and solving local problems. Procedures such as masks, baths, applications, compresses, aroma baths, inhalations, baths for hands and nails will help to mitigate the effects of stress and restore internal self-regulatory processes.

Thanks to weekly treatments and special care series, you can ensure a perfect look and health. Aromatherapy is no less effective in solving serious problems – diseases and traumatic skin lesions.

Aromatherapy, however, allows you to solve problems not only in the cosmetology industry. You can quickly change the emotional background, create an atmosphere favorable for communication, prepare for an important event, relieve fatigue and stress, overcome insomnia, depressive disorders and complexes using simple and surprisingly pleasant aroma procedures.

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