10 ways to make beauty ice cubes for all skin types

10 ways to make ice cubes for all skin types

Beauty ice is a real salvation for your skin. It is not at all difficult to cook it, but it brings a lot of benefits – tones up, refreshes, helps to make micromassage, improve blood circulation and saturate the skin with natural trace elements. The main thing here is to choose the right composition of ice for your skin type.


1. RED BERRIES. Ice for dry skin is best frozen from the juice of red berries – it will help retain moisture for several hours. For this purpose, any seasonal products are suitable – strawberries, raspberries, mountain ash or hawthorn. It is very simple to make cosmetic ice for your face – squeeze the juice from the berries through cheesecloth, pour it into molds and send it to the freezer for several hours.

In my video I blended the berries. Turned out amazing. So choose any option that you want.

2. Milk. Animal fats, which are contained in milk, can qualitatively moisturize your dry skin. Therefore, safely make ice, but do not forget to slightly dilute the milk with water – otherwise it will be very difficult to freeze it.

In my video I did not dilute it and it turned out fab.


1. Lemon. To narrow pores and eliminate oily sheen, frozen lemon juice is capable, which, moreover, is saturated with vitamin C. Just keep in mind that undiluted juice is too acidic, can disrupt the natural Ph-balance of the skin or cause allergies. Therefore, dilute it with water in a ratio of 1: 1.

2. Chamomile. Chamomile infusion has a drying and antiseptic property, so it is perfect for oily skin. Dry petals can be bought at the pharmacy, brewing 1-2 tablespoons with a glass of boiling water. Allow to cool slightly, pour into molds and freeze – beauty ice at home is ready!


1. Mint. Your combination skin needs ice that does not dry out the problem areas, but at the same time removes the oily sheen in the notorious T-zone. For this purpose, a mint infusion is ideal – it narrows the pores and perfectly refreshes.

2.Oats. An oatmeal infusion is very useful for mixed skin, which soothes and improves the natural tone of the face. You don’t need porridge itself (you can safely eat it for breakfast) – pour oatmeal with boiling water and leave for several hours, and then strain the moisture through gauze or a sieve – this is a clear-white liquid and you need to send it to the freezer.


  1. Sea Salt. You probably know that sea water is the first cure for acne and acne problems. While relaxing on the sea, the face always becomes noticeably cleaner. To repeat the “holiday effect”, make a solution of sea salt, pour one teaspoon in a glass of water and mix. Ice from sea water will have antiseptic properties and will help you deal with the problem.

2 .Linden and Lemon. If you have really acne  skin, you will have to work hard and find  a linden tree in the yard! (Joking!!!) But the result will be really impressive – a infusion  of linden blossom helps to cope with irritation and rashes on the skin thanks to an antiseptic effect. Two tablespoons of dry linden should be brewed with a glass of water, and to consolidate the success, add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the beauty ice cubes. lemon juice must be added when the infusion is warm.


  1. Carbonated Mineral Water. A happy and rare owner of normal skin without any problems does not need to think much. Do you just  expect only freshness and light lifting effect from beauty ice? Then just freeze the carbonated mineral water – any bottled water from the store will do.

2. Watermelon Juice. The feeling of freshness and coolness will give you watermelon ice. It also smells very nice and creates a truly summer mood! Watermelon juice has a tonic property, and therefore is perfect for ice massage in the morning.

You can use beauty ice cubes daily, but in order to maximize the effect, you need to follow some rules. Take a piece of ice and without pressure do a light facial massage, not stopping in one place, but quickly moving the cube.
You also have  to pay attention to the neck and decolletage area – sometimes we forget that the skin in these areas needs the same care as the face. You don’t want your neck to show your age , do you?