5 Deadly Sins FOR Your Beauty

5 Deadly Sins FOR Your Beauty

Young, beautiful skin without flaws for many years – this is exactly the most cherished dream of 99% of girls. But, many only want to, but in fact do not exert any efforts to make it a reality.

But did you know that our habits and everyday life leave a shadow imprint on the beauty of our skin? Of course, you know all this, but for some reason you don’t want to change anything. At first you think that you are still too young and beautiful, continuing to “mock” your beauty, and then you think that it is too late to change something. So, let’s dig into it …

THE Causes OF Irreparable Harm to our Beauty

1. The habit of Chewing a Gum

The ad industry did a great job, a snow-white smile and a fresh breath, but are these promises true? The answer to this question, I think, you know yourself. But the fact that the habit of chewing a gum contributes to the more rapid appearance of nasolabial wrinkles and folds is somehow not being advertised.

2. Constant talking on a Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is a metropolis of germs. Dust, dirt, cosmetics (powder, foundation, bronzers etc), the remaining particles of skin are an ideal place for the reproduction of microorganisms. They easily get on your skin. And believe me, if you have got only acne or small breakouts as a result, then you still got off easily, much worse is eczema or various diseases of the skin and ear.

Many forget about basic hygiene. Keep your phone clean, use special cleaning wipes, in extreme cases, you can do with an ordinary wet towel. Wipe the phone at least 2-3 times a day. And also timely change the plastic protector on the touch screens.

Thus, do not chat for days on the phone, prefer live communication. It is not only safer, but also more pleasant.

3. Not taking care of your make up brushes and sponges

There is No such a girl who would not know that all makeup accessories must be washed. She knows, but does not do it. For there is no time and / or laziness. I must confess, this is my Sin. And I have to change this habit.

Particles of your skin and sebum remain on the brushes and sponges. In such conditions, bacteria feels great. Getting into the wound (squeezed pimple, microcracks, etc.) or just in the open pore, they quickly begin to multiply. From here various rashes on the skin appear.

For the beauty of your skin, it is worth washing all cosmetic accessories at least 2 times a week in a soap solution, or using olive oil.

4. Squeezing your Pimples

Pimple is a combination of germs and pus. Squeezing it, the pressure goes in both directions, i.e. out and in. If you can remove the residues from the outside, you can’t do this in the layers of the skin and the infection will go deeper. Therefore, very soon, new pimple can appear near this place, and as a result, a vicious circle continues. The consequence of this procedure may be a long healing scar.

Try to treat acne, and try to prevent then, and not get rid of them in such a unhealthy way.

5. “Beauty” 24 hours or Sleeping with your make up

Very lazy girls are sleeping with makeup and they usually who do not care about their skin. They prefer to quickly wash off their makeup in the morning and re- apply the make up. As a result, the skin does not have time to relax and does not breathe.

In addition, skin has its own biorhythm, and from midnight to 4 a.m., it actively absorbs everything that is on the surface. Dirt and makeup residues get inside and clog the pores, as a result, black spots and subcutaneous acne appear.

Now you know the 5 Deadly Sins FOR Your Beauty. Changing your habits is never too late, and following these small rules will not be difficult. It will not take much time and will not require tremendous effort, and in the end you will receive the desired beautiful and healthy skin for many years to come.